Stay Put Services and Fall Prevention

Fall Prevention:

Fall Prevention is a local community service for older adults (60+) and/or people with disabilities; this program funds home safety modifications on private homes in Humboldt (and sometimes Del Norte). There is an income maximum for eligibility; we go by the “Low 80% Income Limits,” defined by Section 8 for Humboldt County, FY 2022. This program’s funds are contingent on certain stipulations; each client will be served within our scope of adaptability to the best of our ability.

For past clients, we have funded and coordinated the construction of wheelchair ramps, grab bars, stair handrails, walk-in showers, etc. We’re only authorized to fund structure modifications if they are for the purpose of fall prevention. Needs and capabilities may vary by geographic location, availability of our contractor, availability of funds, etc. For more information, please contact our home safety specialist.

Stay Put Services:

Stay Put is a service available to individuals aged 60+ who live in private residences in Humboldt County. There are no income requirements for eligibility. StayPut aims to promote independence for older adults and help them to stay home by providing short-term assistance with in-home tasks such as decluttering, taking items to charities to be donated, organizing closets/drawers/shelves, and moving things out of walkways to minimize falls.

Services provided will depend on the individual needs of each client. If you’d like to find out more about applying for this service or what tasks this program can assist you with, please contact our home safety specialist.

Amelie L. Peterson

Home Safety Specialist

(707) 442-3763, Ex 220

[email protected]

Note: this is a non-emergency service and we are unable to assist clients who have received eviction notices or clean up orders of 30 days or less.